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No Zero Roulette - Forget about House Edge

Casinos never give up attempts to invent something new in order to attract more visitors and give more entertainment to their clients. The Betfair Casino is a real expert here because it is the only one casino where you can find one more interesting roulette variation - No Zero Roulette!

It is a very exciting game indeed because here you should not worry about house edge as it is completely absent here! Yes, it is not a mistake: No Zero Roulette provides its gamblers with zero edge for a casino. Is not it a dream of every roulette player? This type of roulette can be called being a modern roulette variation because it had been invented not a long time ago and it can be found at only one casino. But, as it is said, well begun is half done.


Well, it is impossible to say what type of roulette wheel is used for No Zero Roulette - European or American one - because this roulette wheel does not take a zero pocket at all! So, there are only 36 numbers and this fact increase players' chances for winning much: if you bet on red for example, there are 50% probability that you will win! Thanks to this fact, No Zero Roulette can be very attractive for real roulette fans if to compare it with such traditional roulette variations as European Roulette or American Roulette!

No Zero Roulette table layout does not differ from a classical one except of the fact that 0-cell is absent there. Here you are also welcome to make all kinds of roulette bets (inside and outside ones), and payouts will be the same with the one of other roulette variations.

The Betfair Casino had made a rather interesting design for No Zero Roulette: you will not find any red or black colors on its roulette wheel and table; red is replaced by white, and black is replaced by blue! This step was made for a player to be able to recognize the roulette variation s/he had chosen to play at once. Moreover, it is quite unusual for roulette and thus interesting, is not it?

As for the object and rules of the game, they are the same with traditional roulette, so a player should not learn any special rules but just forget about such roulette rules as En Prison and La Partage: because of zero absence, you will just not need these rules anymore.

What's the point?

You can ask: What is the reason for The Betfair Casino to provide such a roulette variation if there is no house edge there? Yes, the absence of zero helps players a lot of course but it does not mean they become winners automatically! Moreover, the majority of them do not have any particular roulette strategy to play this game and some of them even do not know the rules of this game perfectly!

Moreover, Betfair can boast also with being involved to sports and horse betting: so, it is not afraid of losing all its money because of No Zero Roulette.

Other casinos can't use No Zero Roulette, so maybe it will cease to exist because of this fact; anyway, you still have time to try beating it!

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