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Types of roulette: American, European, French, Mini

Classical Roulette

Which roulette game to choose? It can be really difficult if you do not know all its variations There are four classical roulette games to play: European, American, French and Russian, and each of them has something to surprise a player with. Read about the basics of all classical roulette variations, find out how to play them and what bets to make there. No matter what you choose - the best choice is yours for sure! But if you want to play live roulette or roulette online you should be sure you are at a trustworthy casino. Being able to play casino games like Roulette and Blackjack from the comfort of your home is one of the ways that free online casinos have revolutionized gambling. Due to the possibility to play casino games at any place and time the player wants, casino games became even more popular. Find the place offering a real thrill of genuine game of roulette, and you will have more fun playing it.

Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Poker are all available at But things get really interesting when you start exploring dozens of game variations based on this classic.

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Fun Roulette

Roulette casino game can be not only interesting and profitable but also fun. It is possible to meet many roulette variations which have some common features with conventional roulette but they cannot be called to be very serious. Wheel of Roulette and Drinking Roulette are among them. Read the full list of fun roulette game and choose the best for yourself. Maybe one day you will try to play it with your friends. And of course of the best way to have a good time is to play free roulette games which are available at some online casinos. If you want to try something new, you may choose Real Money Online Roulette – you will surely like it and maybe even more, that classic roulette games. Do not be afraid to experiment with different casino games including slots and card games to find the one which will be your favorite! Find the top sites to play free roulette online and enjoy each moment of the game!

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Rulete Types

European Rulette

European Roulette is a very popular game among players because it is the most profitable for them. Its wheel has only one zero-section which gives players more chances to win and less commission to pay.

American Rulette

American Roulette is widespread of course but it is considered to be not as good as European Roulette. This game's wheel has two zero-sections, and this fact gives more advantages to a house, not a player.

French Rulette

French Roulette can be found only in French casinos. It does not differ much from European and American games, but it has some extra rules and bets. Moreover, a table layout is different here.

Russian Rulette

Russian Roulette will not be played in any casino. The wheel here is a gun and a gambler makes a bet on his/her life. No chips, no money - your life will be the best prize for you here.

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Here you will find everything about roulette: history, rules, bets, games, casinos to play and roulette books to read. Famous players are also here.

Start playing roulette game at the best online casinos! Online gambling houses offer top online casino games to play in the UK and other countries with superior and safe casino download software. If you want to come as close to a land-based casino as you possibly can without leaving your desk chair - visit UK Casinos, which will surely provide you with Las Vegas atmosphere. There you will find all range of games, including rare scratch games. And now - start learning the roulette info!

All casino visitors agree – there is no game more authentic than roulette. This wheel, and ball, and dealer...Even red and black colors are associated with this game! Everyone has once seen covered with green table, at which several players sit, placing their chips, and trying to guess the winning number. Someone has seen this picture at the casino, someone at movies or magazines. Roulette and its wheel are truly symbols of gambling house and any player should play this game at least once.

Fortunately, roulette is one of those free slots games which can be found at any online or traditional casino. Players say that it has the biggest number of fans, although there are some other games which are also as much popular. Nevertheless, roulette remains to be game of many opportunities, mainly because its system of bets which cannot be compared to any of other games. If you are interested in roulette, we strongly recommend you to pay a visit to goldencherry casino, as here you will find everything you need for a good game. Besides, number of roulette variations which are going to find here will surprise you.

There are lots of roulette variants which you may try at casinos. Except for the most popular once you can enjoy playing Royale Roulette, which offers huge jackpot for winner, Mini-roulette, Biloxi Roulette, Atlantic Roulette, and other less known variations. All of them are common in gameplay, but in details they are different. All these differences you may find at the pages of this website, just pay your attention to the sections Classical Roulette, Online Roulette, and Fun Roulette.

Great attention we’ve paid to so-called fun roulette games. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of fun and these roulette games can bring it. For more traditional roulette players the best choice will be play free. In fact it is like the common roulette game, but you do not need to pay your money! Just use game credits and enjoy. Wheel of Fortune is one more roulette-related games, some of players are sure, that it is the best one of ever created. What do you think about it? There is roulette variant, which will be perfect for parties. That is drinking roulette. You do not play for money, you just drink!

In a few words we may admit that roulette is extremely popular game with many of variations developed. Anyone can find something interesting in this game. We are sure, roulette will not leave you indifferent! Just take a deep breath and click at the download button at any online casino. Now the real game begins!

Classical roulette prev-card



American Roulette is one of the most popular casino games today: it is possible to play both at land-based casinos and online; together with European Roulette, this roulette variation is considered to be classical. Let's have a closer look at American Roulette in order to understand how to play



When you communicate with Europeans and ask them about such a phenomenon as European Roulette they will definitely be surprised with such a name because for them this game is just roulette and nothing more. Anyway, this is a separate roulette variation thanks to American Roulette appearance



French Roulette, as well as its relatives American and European Roulettes, is a very popular and loved casino game which is possible to meet everywhere in the world today. Sure, there were some times when a player had to go to France in order to try this roulette variation but these times are over today


Russian Roulette

You will not find any roulette wheels or table layouts here; this game will not be played at any casino; a player will not make any bets on any number with the help of chips; and a winner will not get any money for his/her success.


Royale Roulette

The bets of this game do not differ from the ones of EUROPEAN ROULETTE: we have inside and outside bets here. Well, what makes Royale Roulette to be special then? It is a progressive jackpot!


Mini Roulette

It is easy to guess that Mini-Roulette is just a mini-version of a conventional roulette, but do not think that it is much easier to beat because of its size - the payouts of Mini-Roulette can also be big enough.