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Are Casino Slot Machines Beatable?

Casino slot machines are often considered to be the top money earners in the gambling industry. In the 90s, slot machine developers called IGT came up with a new slots machine game for casinos called Visions.  These machines were the same machines that came with added features including a bonus feature, but there is nothing special about this. In fact 90% of Vision slot machines were actually beatable.  You are probably wondering how they were beatable so early, but this was a secret that turned out to be nothing but a very simple game concept.

Simple Tips to Win the Game

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The random generator in the traditional machine is activated permanently and at the moment you activate  your credits,  it immediately selects the spin that will come up.  The random generator will then determine exactly what the player hits on the payline as well as the machine’s final percentage of payouts. Traditionally, you will get a good percentage if choose to play slots machine with a higher currency denomination.

In order to beat a Vision machine, the player should score a percentage that is far less than in a slot traditional machine.  The reason for this is that Vision slot machines have percentage of winning added with the help of bonus. The bonus in this case can vary from machine to machine but it is always shown on the slot’s video screen.  For example, if you are familiar with the Cherry pie slot machine, you should remember the cartoon figure on top of the slot machine or flashing diamond mines during gameplay.  It is a game bonus. These are just 2 of IGT Vision’s slot machine innovations we are talking about.

Easily Beatable Machines

There are so many different types of IGT Visions slot machines that are considered ‘loose’ or easily beatable. The Diamond mine, for example, has a video screen on top of the Diamond Mine with 3 columns that have as many as ten diamonds each.  When you look at the machine, it has double diamonds but everything else including the reels are the same as other slot machines.  Remember that this diamond only adds 1, 2, or 3 diamonds to the column above the video screen but doesn’t serve any special purpose on the pay line.  You get 10 credits if you score 10 diamonds in a single column.

In conclusion, the Diamond Mine is one of the slots where bonuses come faster, perhaps the reason why they are the beatable slot machines. Unfortunately, there are far less beatable slot machines today in casinos, the reason why less people try to beat them today.

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