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Wheel Of Fortune: Colorful and Exciting

Roulette wheel is used for many different games today, and it gives every roulette admirer one more chance to try something new without changing his/her passion for a new field. These games include TV shows, such as Pole Chudes for example, and casual games, such as Drinking Roulette or something.

Here we are glad to represent you one of the most popular TV shows where a roulette wheel is used in rather unusual way - Wheel of Fortune!


Today Wheel of Fortune is considered to be the one of three longest TV shows since 1984 and the one of the most successful ones. It was first introduced in 1975, and a creator was Marv Griffin; since that time (the show became on air in 1982) Wheel of Fortune has changed many hosts, and today this show is presented by Vanna White and Pat Sajak.

Originally, the goal of the game was to solve a word puzzle: six players tried to do that by spinning a big colorful wheel which had many different prizes possible to win by players.

How to Play

  1. Three people take part in a game and they spin the wheel one by one if only some of them do not have any extra bonuses.
  2. The goal is to guess the puzzled word: its category (place, thing, even, person etc.) is announced by the host before the game.
  3. One of players (selected by blind draw) spins the wheel where different sectors can be found (Money, Lose a Turn, Bankrupt, Free Spin and others). If a player landed on "Money" sector, s/he has a right to call one letter s/he thinks can be present in a puzzled word.
  4. If the letter is present in the word, a player gets money and has a right to spin the wheel once again; if not - it is the next player's turn to spin the wheel; if a player has "Bankrupt" - all his/her money pass away and the next player spins the wheel.
  5. The game continues till the time one of players is ready to announce a puzzled word. Every player has some points for every letter guessed: a winner (a person who guessed the word) gets all money won for the round, and if the sum is less than $1000 - it is increased to this sum being the minimum possible to win at Wheel of Fortune.
  6. Players who have lost the round receive $1000 each and finish the game; the winner has a chance to increase his/her winnings by playing Bonus Round where s/he spins a bonus wheel: letters R,S,T,L,N,E are opened at once if they are present in a puzzled word and a player can call 3 consonants and 1 vowel more. Then s/he has 5 seconds to call a word and get his/her bonus prize.

Interesting fact

Originally, a winner of Wheel of Fortune had a right to change all his/her points for different presents: every present had its price and the most expensive and most desirable were cars of course. But this tradition has ended later.

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