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Las Vegas Roulette

Among many different roulette games which are possible to choose for playing them online, Las Vegas Roulette is probably the most popular one; and it is not surprising as Las Vegas is known to be Mecca for all gamblers.

If we look closer to Las Vegas Roulette, it is easy to understand that it is a lose relative of American Roulette which is obvious too: the same concept, the same wheel and the same rules. Is it your first time when you hear about American Roulette? Continue reading then and you'll find out all the secrets of Las Vegas Roulette.

The object and rules

Your goal is to predict the number of roulette wheel which the ball will stop at; let's discuss Las Vegas Roulette step by step for easier understanding of all nuances.

  • A player decides what bets to make: every casino has its own minimum and maximum bets, so be attentive when you choose a casino to play at; a player places his/her bets to a roulette table layout with the help of chips.
  • There are many different types of bets a player can choose from in order to increase chances for winning: inside bets (straight, split, triple, corner and others) and outside bets (color, dozen, even/odd and others). Try to remember all types of roulette bets before playing roulette.
  • A player presses "Spin" button in order to spin the roulette wheel. Before it stops spinning and a computer says the phrase "No more bets!", a player has a right to change his/her bets somehow.
  • Remember, that Las Vegas Roulette is played with double-zero wheel: it means that there are 38 numbers on the wheel - 0, 00 and 1-36; because of this fact the house edge of this roulette game is quite big - 5,26$ - that is not very pleasant for a player.
  • A player can press "Re-bet" button in order to place the same bet for the next round. When a bet is chosen, a player presses "Spin" again to continue playing.
  • It is possible to find Las Vegas Roulette which is played with a single-zero wheel that is more preferable for players (a house edge there is 2,67%).
  • Las Vegas Roulette provides some additional buttons for a player to choose and vary his/her playing:
  • "Quick Spin" - to make a wheel spinning faster
  • "Auto play Settings" - to set up custom criteria
  • "Statistics" - to see the statistics of your game

Small tips

  • Remember that there is no system that would make a winner of roulette from you; so, do not spend your money for buying them.
  • Do not forget about a house edge.
  • Try not to make a five number bet 0-00-1-2-3: usually, it does not work.
  • Try to understand that you will not become a winner at once: be ready to lose your money.
  • Outside bets are more likely to win though their payouts are less of course.
  • Do not be sure that you'll win at once you'll double your bet: you risk staying without anything at all!

How to Play

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