Make Your Bets, Please! - How to Win At Roulette?

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When all players think over the question of how to win at roulette casino game, these people have already discovered the method of doing that: their enormous winnings showed the fact it was really possible to win big money at roulette!

You are welcome to read about the craziest roulette bets ever made!

Ashley Revell

In 2004, Ashley Revell who lived in London has sold all his goods (a house, clothes etc.) and went to Las Vegas to play roulette for this money; Ashley had $136 000 and he placed the whole sum on Red (double or nothing option). The Red 7 had won then, so Mr. Revell had received $272 000 at once!

Joseph Jaggers

This person is famous for the first usage of biased wheel in roulette in 1873 (he and 6 more clerks examined all the wheels of the casino in Monte Carlo and found a biased one. Thanks to this fact they were able to win a huge money - $325 000 (enormous sum for those times).

Gonzalo Garcia-Pedayo

This person is a famous modern roulette player thanks to the betting strategies he developed: his systems helped Gonzalo to win millions at the game of roulette. This man studied different roulette wheels in 1990s for developing his betting systems, and he has recently appeared on TV in a program "Breaking Vegas".

Charles Wells

This person was known as "the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo": Charles Wells was a citizen of London who played roulette and broke the bank each time when he stayed at the roulette table during several days. He won all money out of a casino every time when started playing.

Pawel Piskorski

This bet took place in 1992 when the Polish politician Pawel Piskorski won 4,950,000,000 zloty in roulette!!! It is in about $175 000. This winning was his explanation of his huge incomes though it was impossible to win such a sum of money: the highest bet was 1 000 000 zloty then, and it meant that Mr. Piskorski should won 138 times by placing the highest bet each time.

Darren Brown

This British illusionist and writer had made his most famous roulette bet in 2009 (October, the 2nd): his wager was 5000 pounds and he tried to prove the law of physics with the help of that bet. Darren Brown made his bet on a particular single number of a roulette wheel and this case even was shown all over Europe thanks to a hidden camera in Mr. Brown's sleeve.

The point was to prove that it is possible to predict where a ball stops if to use a particular speed for spinning a roulette wheel and if to throw a ball wit ha particular speed too. So, Darren Brown placed his big bet on 8 but, unfortunately, the ball landed on 30!!! It was just one number out.