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European Roulette

When you communicate with Europeans and ask them about such a phenomenon as European Roulette they will definitely be surprised with such a name because for them this game is just roulette and nothing more. Anyway, this is a separate roulette variation thanks to American Roulette appearance: though European Roulette was the original variant of this game, today it is one of the such-called classical roulette variations.


European Roulette had been originated from France in the 17th century: the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal is believed to be the creator of the first roulette wheel. Roulette became very popular in Paris very quickly and it was placed in casinos there; moreover, it was the favorite game of monks who played it in their monasteries in order not to be bored.


The first European wheel (the one-zero wheel) was created in 1843 in Germany: it was the wheel with 37 pockets on it - 0 and 1-36 numbers. This is the only difference between European roulette wheel and American wheel actually (American roulette wheel has one extra pocket - 00) but this difference influences game very much.

As for table layout, it is the same with American Roulette table with the only one difference: there is only one cell for 0 (American Roulette has two cells for this option - 0 and 00).


Despite of French Roulette, which has 3 types of different bets, and Russian Roulette, which does not have any bets at all, European Roulette is glad to give you a chance of making inside and outside bets:

  • Inside bets let you placing your bet on any number of 0-36, and they are divided into some categories: straight bet, split bet, street bet etc.
  • Outside bets let you placing you bet outside of a roulette table layout: color bet, column bet, dozen bet etc.

House Edge

This aspect makes European Roulette being rather attractive to roulette players if compare with American Roulette: the house edge here is only 2,67% when American Roulette has 5,26%.


There are no particular rules difference between two most popular roulette variations - European and American ones: you place your wager before a dealer says "No more bets!" and do not touch your chips when "dolly" is on the table layout. A dealer spins the wheel and draws a ball which will determine the winning bet.

How to Play

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Wheel and Table

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Roulette Bets

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