General information about European Roulette

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european roulette

Roulette is a casino game Online Casino Free Spins that has its roots back in the 17th century. Its popularity has risen in the recent past courtesy of the rise of online casinos and mobile gaming. It has three variations; the French, American and European roulette, out of the three, the European version is the most famous. Reason being it is easy to beat the casino since the game has a low house edge of 2.63%.

How European Roulette is played

This roulette has 37 pockets where the ball can land, unlike the American which has 38 slots. The 37 pockets are labeled 0-36. Each of the numbers is marker wither red or black in an even distribution except for 0 which is marked green. The game action starts when the croupier invites players to lay their bets. Players will place their chips on any of the 37 numbers or can as well as place outside bets. The outside bets that players can wager are:

  • Red or Black numbers
  • Even or odd numbers
  • First 18 or second 18
  • 1st Column, 2nd Column or 3rd Column
  • 1st Dozen, 2nd Dozen, or 3rd Dozen

Apart from straight up, other inside bets that a player can wager are; six lines, split, street, corner, basket, and trio. After the players have placed their bet, the croupier turns the wheel in one direction and then sets the ball in the opposite direction. The ball will make revolution across the ball track before it lands to one of the numbers.  The number which the balls lands which are considered a straight up bet rewards the player with a payout 35 times the value of the chips on that number. Outside bets also get paid out our as 1:1 or 2:1.

Difference between online and land-based roulette

Online has little differences from the land-based roulette. Payout and table structure are all similar. However, online offers many conveniences, unlike the land-based casino. On a busy land-based roulette table, it is possible to miss on placing on a bet because of too much table activity. Sitting on the wrong edge on the table could also inconvenience you from placing a certain bet which is far from your reach. The Online casino has an extra set of features such as re-spins, you can set your own game pace, and you can benefit from bonuses and cash-back offers.

Gaming strategy

Roulette is a game of chance and pure luck. However, there is a way you can play to maximize your winnings and cut out your losses. The following are the common European roulette playing strategies.

The martingale system

The martingale system is whereby a player doubles the bet size after every losing bet. For instance, if you lost $10 on a single spin, the next spin you bet $20. This strategy is the best fit when playing outside bets. It is a risky strategy but could help recoup losses. Hardly will you find seasoned gamblers rarely use this strategy.

Paroli system/Reverse Martingale

The parole system is the opposite of the martingale system. In this system, players double their stakes after every winning bet. Players have the illusion that the stake involved in the house money. Just like the martingale, the parole system best works on outside bets.

James bond strategy

James bond strategy involves the players covering their bets on almost half or two-thirds of the table. The system allows for a small room of loss at the expense of a series of small wins.

European Roulette

European Roulette had been originated from France in the 17th century: the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal is believed to be the creator of the first roulette wheel. Roulette became very popular in Paris very quickly and it was placed in casinos there; moreover, it was the favorite game of monks who played it in their monasteries in order not to be bored.


When you communicate with Europeans and ask them about such a phenomenon as European Roulette they will definitely be surprised with such a name because for them this game is just roulette and nothing more. Anyway, this is a separate roulette variation thanks to American Roulette appearance: though European Roulette was the original variant of this game, today it is one of the such-called classical roulette variations.


The first European wheel (the one-zero wheel) was created in 1843 in Germany: it was the wheel with 37 pockets on it - 0 and 1-36 numbers. This is the only difference between European roulette wheel and American wheel actually (American roulette wheel has one extra pocket - 00) but this difference influences game very much.

As for table layout, it is the same with American Roulette table with the only one difference: there is only one cell for 0 (American Roulette has two cells for this option - 0 and 00).


Despite of French Roulette, which has 3 types of different bets, and Russian Roulette, which does not have any bets at all, European Roulette is glad to give you a chance of making inside and outside bets:

  • Inside bets let you placing your bet on any number of 0-36, and they are divided into some categories: straight bet, split bet, street bet etc.
  • Outside bets let you placing you bet outside of an online roulette layout: color bet, column bet, dozen bet etc.

House Edge

This aspect makes European Roulette being rather attractive to online roulette players if compare with American Roulette: the house edge here is only 2,67% when American Roulette has 5,26%.


There are no particular rules difference between two most popular roulette online - play European and American ones: you place your wager before a dealer says "No more bets!" and do not touch your chips when "dolly" is on the table layout. A dealer spins the wheel and draws a ball which will determine the winning bet.