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Dozens of Ways to Profit from Roulette

As with Arcade Games, making money in any game of roulette, whether at a live or online casino, is tricky. With either 37 or 38 possible slots where the steel ball can land, it can often be a guessing game as to where you should place your money.

Indeed, while staking money on a correct number can yield a high return, the chances of it coming in are certainly not in your favour. Thus, when playing roulette, as when you play Slot Games, your biggest task is working out which betting strategy represents the best overall chance of a profit.

To establish a credible answer, we need to quickly review some odds on the most common roulette wagers (*Note that these figures are based on a single zero roulette wheel):

Bet Odds Payout

Single Number: 36/1 35/1

Two Number Split: 17.5/1 17/1

Dozen/ Column: 2.08/1 2/1

Odd/Even: 1.01/1 1/1

Red/Black: 1.01/1 1/1

Assessing these numbers, you can see that you stand to make the most money if you bet on a single number. However, when you look at the payout versus the true odds, there’s a discrepancy of one. Thus, on this basis, we can conclude that betting on “Odd/Even” or “Red/Black” has the greatest long-term expectation (EV).

For some people this will be enough for them to consider focusing on these bets whenever they play roulette. However, for many, the return of 1/1 on their money isn’t too appealing. If you’re one such player, then betting on a dozen/ column is the next best option.

These wagers have a return that’s very close to the game’s true odds and offers a healthy return of 2/1. Thus, if you bet $10 and were successful, you’d receive $30 back in total. What’s also good about this strategy is that you can bet on two dozens simultaneously and increase your coverage of the board.

While this option reduces the amount of money you win when you’re correct, it does allow you to cover 2/3 of the board (which is a greater amount than a “Red/Black” or “Odd/Even” bet gives you) and receive an effective payout of 1/1.

Thus, if you’re looking to increase your chances of a long-term roulette profit, then you should consider the betting opportunities presented by dozens.

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