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Bauernroulette: Welcome to Germany!

This is a rather unusual though funny roulette game to kill time if needed: Bauernroulette had been created in Germany where became very popular indeed. Today, it is also possible to play this game online though the impressions will be not the same if you play Bauernroulette for real of course. Anyway, let's have a closer look at this interesting roulette game in order to make own conclusions whether to try it or not.


"Bauernroulette" means " poor man's roulette" and it can not be compared with any other roulette types, such as Pole Chudes or Le Multicolore for sure: the surface of its table is wooden and the movable part is only a spinning top which is placed in the middle of the wooden surfaces mentioned above and spun there to make 6 balls moving.

How to play

The object of the game is to get as many points as it is possible with the help of 6 balls of different colors: 4 white balls, 1 red and 1 green ball: these balls are placed in the centre of the wooden surface and thrown into different directions with the help of special spinning top. Each ball gives a certain number of points to a player and a winner is the one who gets the biggest number of points (usually, the maximum is 1000 points but players can change this number if they want).

So, how exactly the game passes?

  1. 6 balls are placed in the centre of wooden field.
  2. The spinning top is placed near them and it helps the balls moving in such a way.
  3. There are hollows on the field's surface, so, some balls are shot into these hollows and some of them can stay on surface of even be thrown out of the wooden surface.
  4. Each ball and hollow have its own point value, so, all points for every ball in hollow are added up.
  5. A red ball is the main one: if it is in a hollow - the points for it are doubled.
  6. The points for a green ball are usually subtracted from the sum of points for other 5 balls if a green ball is in a hollow.
  7. The balls which fly out of the wooden surface do not bring any points to a player. If a player gets points for all 6 balls, s/he has a right to spin a wheel again.
  8. The winner will be a player who first gets a total (usually, it is 1000 points)

How to Play

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