Choosing Between American Roulette double And European Single

Counted among the most played games in casinos, roulette comes in two different formats – American and European. The American version is also known as roulette double, as it has a double zero wheel, while the European version has just one. Both versions have their share of fans, although expert players favor the European wheel more. Let"s check some of the fast facts about both the variants of this hugely popular casino favorite.

Difference between roulette double and roulette single

For starters, it is good to understand that the American version of the wheel has 38 slots as compared to 37 slots of the European version, thanks to the extra zero slot. Most of the other rules remain constant, so players have the choice between inside and outside bets. The odds of winning in the American version are slightly reduced, although that"s not something to rave about. On most video roulette sites, you will find choice of both wheels, and different bets have special odds, and as expected, the bets with worse odds have a greater payout.

The payout probability in single-zero wheels is 48.6%, for the bets placed on odd, even, red, black, 19-36 and 1-19. On the other hand, in roulette double, the same probability is 47.37%. There is also a similar distinction on other bets, but the difference is marginal, at least if you just focus on the percentage. Smart and seasoned players agree that the difference matters to a good extent, which is why they often prefer the single wheel.

In both versions of the game, there is a high house edge, and there isn"t a solo strategy for improving the odds. It is pertinent to mention here that every spin in roulette is independent of other spins, and that simply means nothing can be judged from the previous wins and losses.

Test your luck for Smart moves!

What you can make out is whether luck is on your side, because roulette, irrespective of its version, tests your fortune. For some days, it makes sense to walk away, while other days you will keep winning from the first bet. Most experts should share the roulette tip that understanding the luck factor will matter. Both roulette double and European single can be addictive, so knowing where to draw a line is extremely critical. Just start with small bets, and if the initial wins are on your side, even single number bets can prove to be lucky! Why not give it a shot and see how your luck holds up?

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