How to Get the Most Out Of Your Straight Roulette Bets

Roulette is sometimes dubbed as the "King of Casino Games" because of its sheer ability to captivate any player at the casino more so than any other game. If you enjoy watching the wheels spin every once in a while, you probably can vouch for the fact that winning a straight roulette bet can be one of the most fulfilling experiences as a gamer. Unfortunately, these moments don't come by that often and rightfully so; the chances of winning a straight up bet is about 35:1 or 36:1 depending on which version of Roulette you play and depending on how lady luck is treating you, you could be sitting through hundreds of rounds without a hit.

Straight roulette strategy

If you prefer winning big rather than losing small, your preferred type of bet may be straight roulette bets. While any strategy would inevitably fail due to the nature of the game where the odds are against you, there are a few simple strategies that you can look to employ to maximize your chances of making a hit. The worst possible solution would be to randomize your pick and shoot arrows in the dark; instead try one or more of these:

  • Consistently bet on the same number - Based on probability laws, by choosing the same number repeatedly, you should eventually make a winning guess. This can go either of two ways; you can get extremely lucky or extremely unlucky. If you've been hitting every green light on your morning commute to work today, today would be a great day to give this one a shot.
  • The Kesselgucken - If you are a fan of roulette and have been gaming for a while, you may have come across the awe inspiring story of professional roulette player Christian Kaisan. This method only works at a traditional casino and simply relies on observation; so if you download games roulette, you might want to skip to the next point. Kaisan played roulette long enough to be able to predict where the wheel would stop and make bets based on this. While modern roulette wheels have mechanisms in place to prevent this, it may still be practically possible.
  • Bet on your lucky number - This is more of a personal belief but hey, it could still work. If you swear by a lucky number, giving it a shot at the roulette tables may either cause you to doubt the unimaginable power of your lucky number or validate your belief.

Time to hit the tables

There is no logical way to sway the odds in your favor when making straight roulette bets but one of the above tips may certainly help you strike gold. If you are looking for a winner roulette strategy for straight bets, the most logical choice would be picking on the same number repeatedly. This will give you about even odds eventually. Head over to the roulette tables and find out what works for you.

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