Your guide to understanding and overcoming undue roulette house edge

Despite being a 300 years old casino gaming classic, roulette is still regarded as a simple, yet biased game. That"s because of the nefarious roulette house edge that the double zeroed wheel comes with. However, some simple tricks can help you even the scales.

Beating the roulette house edge with simple strategies

Though most gamers tend to regard roulette as purely a game of chance, nobody can hearsay the fact that strategies help players mitigate the undue edge enjoyed by the gaming house. The standard roulette wheel has 38 numbered pockets (1-36, a single 0, and a double zero). The payout, however, is 35 units to 1, which implies that the edge retains a considerable edge of 2 units per 38 spins, which calculates to 5.26%. How can you mitigate this undue advantage of the casino, then? Here are some strategies to help you not only understand the game better, but also to beat the house.

Hunt down single zero roulette wheels

Roulette, at its very core, is the perfect exhibition of probabilities driving outcomes over the long run. If you are a serious roulette gamer, it"s likely that your gaming session will involve more than 20 spins. Why not maximize your chances of success for every spin? A single zero roulette wheel reduces the house edge to 2.7%, that"s almost half the advantage the house enjoys in a double zero version of the game. So, lookout for casinos offering the European roulette wheel. Invariably, these casinos also demand a higher minimum bet amount. If you"re lucky enough, you could even find a no-zero roulette game from one of the best online roulette sites, with absolutely no house advantage.

Understanding which bets to avoid

Roulette betting payoffs are mostly the same across the entire wheel, with same house edge for every wager. However, when you play with an American wheel (having two zeros), you would do well to avoid the top line wager (the line having numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3), as you will be entitled to 6 units for the 5 numbers, with a house edge of 7.9%. So, it"s best to avoid this wager, as it involves a massive advantage to the house.

Keep the roulette house advantage to a minimum

Why lose out on your chances of being successful with roulette? Start hunting down single zero and no-zero roulette wheel games, and see your success rates soar.

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