Live Roulette - A Show or A Game?

If you do not have a chance to visit Las Vegas or any other live casino in order to play your favorite casino game of roulette and spend some money, then Live Roulette will definitely be your game of choice! Certainly, you can just sit at home and play casino roulette free online game but it will not be as exciting because does not allow you playing for money. Live Roulette welcomes your bets for sure!

What is it about?

Live Roulette is game where you have a chance to play real roulette online not with a computer but with a dealer and other players. Thanks to web-cameras, you are welcome to make your bets as if you are in a real casino and see everything what happens at the roulette table at this moment.

You are welcome to chat with other players who "sit" at the same table with you: Live Roulette provides special chat rooms for gamblers where you can communicate with other people, discuss the game and feel like a real roulette professional.

Do not confuse Live Roulette with a video game roulette: here you see a live video of a dealer who spins a wheel and you see real players from various parts of the world which play with you at the moment; you here all sounds as if you are in a real casino except the fact you sit at home in your cozy chair.

How to know when it is possible to join other players for a session of online real roulette? Every casino has its own schedule what day and time will be devoted to this game: you are welcome to visit a website of a casino chosen and find out everything concerning dates and time of Live Roulette games.

Live Roulette on TV

In 2005 the new TV show has appeared on TV and it was called to be Live Roulette: a player has a chance to play roulette when make bets with the help of telephone.

Live Roulette has become extremely popular and found many admirers though it started being just an experiment whether it was possible to combine gambling and television.

Rules and odds here are the same with live casino roulette, bets are accepted with the help of telephone calls or via the official website where you can also try playing other casino games; a single-zero (European) roulette wheel is used for Live Roulette.

Professional dealers work at Live Roulette show.

You should be 18+ years to play Live Roulette and of course you don't have to be one of those professional roulette players; every winner is announced by a presenter and displayed on the screen. Live Roulette gives every player an opportunity to play under 3 different accounts:

  • Free Account: you receive 500 chips after registration and you can use it to play for fun, not for real money.
  • Premium Account: available for the UK players only and gives a chance to take part in the game up to a house limit.
  • VIP Account: a separate manager works with VIP players, they receive a chance to go to London and meet the show presenters and they have bonus money.

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