What is new in European and American house advantage roulette

Today, any savvy player is highly interested in learning the house advantages before he steps up to any casino game. In roulette, it comes with a big difference. The two big versions are the European roulette and American roulette games. You have to look deeply at these two games because if you look quickly, you may miss what the major difference exists between them. Apparently, they seem the same, their sound looks same, but, in fact, they are not as they seem.

Some Considerable rules are...

La Partage rule is the first rule that is considered as the best roulette online rule. It means that the zero is the number where the ball lands, those people who placed their bet at "Even-money outside" will be provided half of their bet back. It's good, right? The house advantage will go down to 1.35% because of this rule.

Same house advantage of 1.35% is offered by the En Prison rule, and as the name tells, the lost bet is inserted in prison. If the ball stops on 0, the cash will be imprisoned and it will remain at the same situation until the next spin. On the next spin, if your bet is hitted by the ball, the bet is returned to you without winnings. But, if your number are not hitted by it, you will lose the bet.

None of these two rules, La Partage and En Prison are found in the American roulette to take into consideration. On the American version, the wheel has 00 (double zero), so the house edge will be taken to 5.26%. Whether you are playing in a European or American version of roulette, the most important thing is understanding of which rules are in the motion and play.

Now you know about American and European roulette

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