Learn More About Probability in Roulette and Increase Your Odds

Most people who play roulette don't tend to pay attention to the probability in roulette, for the most part, roulette is more about fun rather than winning. While this is a great premise, having a reasonable knowledge on how likely you are to strike your roulette hits can make the game all the more interesting. Let's look into roulette probability in a little more detail.

Probability in roulette based on choice of bet

Depending on your type of bet, the probability varies. Additionally, your winnings on a bet are inversely proportional to your odds of winning. The safest option is always an outside bet based on color. Since there are just as many blacks as red, in terms of probability, it's basically as good as a coin flip and choosing head or tails. It is important to note that since there is a "0" with no color, your odds are slightly less than 50%. Additionally, if you play on an American roulette wheel, there is a "00" as well, which drops your odds another notch. As you aim for higher returns, your odds drop. The riskiest bet is a straight up one as you're counting on a single number; this bet leaves you with about a 3% chance of winning.

If you are curious to know how a roulette algorithm works, most of them rely on probability in some way but the concept may be a little flawed. For instance, if you hit red 10 times in a row, your logical reasoning might cause you to assume that your chances of hitting black the 11th time is higher. In theoretical terms, the probability still doesn't change. In a more practical sense, it is supposed to work this way. The word "variance" is constantly thrown around in the betting world which emphasizes on this very fact. Over the long term, you will hit an equivalent number of reds as well as blacks.

Algorithms rely on this method as well. By keeping track of what you drew in the past, the software can make a safe assumption on what you're about to hit next. Since roulette wheels in an online casino rely on an algorithm in comparison to a brick and mortar casino where various factors can affect the outcome, the chances of success on relying on this idea may be worth the shot.

The take home lesson in roulette probability

By studying probability in roulette, a number of betting strategies have been born. Some of them may even be effective up to a point. In reality, there is no way to consistently win because of the house edge in place ("0" and "00"). So if you're playing roulette with hopes of a positive ROI, you might be a little disappointed. The best way to approach the roulette wheel is by looking at it for what it is; a suspenseful, adrenaline boosting game where the odds may be against your favor, but entertainment is guaranteed.

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