Winning using simulated roulette spins - Do they really work?

Many players have been playing roulette, either land-based or online, for months, years, or even a decade, but most of them don't have any idea yet what they've been doing all along. For most of you, roulette has evolved from being a past time activity to serious cash flow, which is really the goal here. Yes, you start out with harmless spins where you just laugh at yourself when you have a bad bet, but after a time, you will see it as it really is. It's something that can win you serious cash if you set your mind to it. However, the core of playing roulette has always focused on the fun part.

You might be asking, "What can I do to win more and lose less?", when the real question should be "What system can I use to get more wins and mitigate your losses?"

How to know if simulated roulette spins work

The advances in technology brought us online casino games where we can play our favorite casino games right in the comfort of our own homes. Along with these wonderful games come many innovative ways on how to win roulette game in casino sites online. One of these strategies is the use of simulated roulette spins.

Here are some of the systems used in roulette simulated games online:

  • The Martingale Roulette System. This is the most commonly used betting system in the world of online roulette games. It throws multiple spins at once or about 500 spins with just one click. This kind of system is configurable to enable its flexible features.
  • The Reverse Labouchere Roulette System. This was the famous system used by Norman Leigh and his 12 companions as they took down the Casino Municipale in Nice back in 1966. Norman claimed that this system won them every game in many casinos in France forcing casino owners to ban them from casinos for the rest of their lives.
  • The Alembert Simulator. Developed by the French mathematician, Jean-Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert, which belongs to the loss progressions category meaning the stakes increase in instances that you loose.

There are a few more systems and strategies that can be found on lots of online sites so better do some research first before trying to find the one that works for you.

Simulated Roulette Spins for the win!

If online roulette playing has taught you anything, let it be that there isn't a single strategy or play to win a game. Bets constantly evolve, and your odds can never be the same with every single spin.

Find out the best strategies that you can go with. Join as many games as you can afford and don't forget that there are lots of free roulette rounds as well. Get started today!

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