Atlantic City Roulette - Best Casinos to Play

Atlantic City is one of the most popular places to gamble in the USA, that is why all players come here to check their luck and play different casino games including the game of roulette; the best roulette tables can be found in Atlantic City and if you look for the best one for yourself to play you should not stop at only one or two casinos to visit.

As well as other casinos, Atlantic City Roulette can be of two types: American and European one; the differences between them lies at the roulette wheel type - American Roulette (also known as roulette double for that reason) has a double-zero wheel and European Roulette provides a single-zero wheel for its clients.

Rules Difference

When you choose playing roulette at some casino of Atlantic City, you should remember the fact that there are some differences between Las Vegas Roulette and Atlantic City Roulette.

This difference concerns such a thing as even-money bet at roulette: when you play Atlantic City Roulette and you make such a wager, you will lose only a half of your bet in a case of loss (if a ball stops at 0 or 00). This fact helps you to decrease a house edge much (2,63% instead of usual 5,26%).

NB! Even-money bet at roulette means a bet on Red/Black, 1-18/19-36 or Odd/Even. The rule described above concerned only these types of roulette bets.

Where to Play

Being a Mecca for all gamblers, Atlantic City has many casinos with best roulette tables for players to feel the atmosphere of the game in full. We are glad to give you a short description of the most popular Atlantic City casinos for you to find the best roulette casino, understand how many roulette tables they have and what types of roulette they propose you to play.

Atlantic City Hilton - 10 roulette tables; min bet = $10, max bet = $5000; only double-zero roulette is possible to play there.

Bally's - 17 roulette tables (1 of them is a single-zero roulette table); min bet = $10, max bet = $25.

Caesars Atlantic City - 14 roulette tables (1 of them is a single-zero roulette table; min bet = $15, max bet = $200 for inside bets and $5000 for outside bets; as for "2 to 1" bets, the maximum is $2500 for them.

Trump Taj Mahal - 10 roulette tables (1 of them is a single-zero table); min bet = $10, max bet = $200.

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